The Election Cost $6 Billion: What Else Could that Buy?

According to The Week, the estimated tally for the 2012 election when all is said and done will be about $6 billion.  Here are a few other things $6 billion could buy:

It could buy a storm surge barrier for New York City.

It could supply nearly half of FEMA’s annual budget.

It could provide 11 million public school students with free lunches.

It works out to about $45 per likely voter, so the campaigns could have bought each likely voter, say nine footlong subway subs.


Texas school districts need an additional $6 billion a year to get students up to the academic standards lawmakers have put in place, the Austin Statesman reports.

It is also the amount that New York City is requesting in hurricane Sandy relief.

It could build 451 small hospitals or 981 public elementary schools.

It could cover the federal funding for PBS for 13 years.

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