First Lines interview with author Laura Lee

Thank you to 1001 First Lines for the opportunity to talk about first lines, writing and the novel Angel.

1001 First Lines

Do you consider the first line to be an important part of a story? If so, why?
Every line is an important part of the story. Generally you want the first line and paragraph to set the tone. The best opening line may be one that blends in not one that stands out.

Do you find first lines easy to come up with, or challenging? Do you have a technique, or a ritual, that you go by to make it easy?
I don’t write in order. So I write the beginning when it comes to me, which could be well into the process.

What consequences, if any, do you think there are in having a badly written first line?
Someone might not read further.

What’s your favourite first line that you’ve ever read? And can you recall a worst?
Darin Strauss’ “Half a Life” begins

Half my life ago, I…

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