A Look Back: The 2012 Headlines of the Day

Often a headline comes across my twitter feed that makes me chuckle or just begs to be clicked.  I often forward it with a “Headline of the Day” note.  (It is the headline itself, rather than the content that catches my eye.)  I decided to go back through my feed and make a list of these gems.  So here you go, the 2012 Headlines of the Day:

Surrealist habits of the goose barnacle

“Atheists have the lowest retention rate among religious groups.” If they don’t have church, who “retains” them?

George Takei: Donald Trump Told Me He Saw A Gay Marriage That Was ‘Beautiful’

Reading headline “Record Shortfall in Personal Popularity Challenges Romney,” thinking how glad I am no one takes polls on my likeability.

Urinating on my Tomato Plants

Is that a time machine in your pants? H. G. Wells’s was quite the ladies man

Why Conservative Christians Flock to a Gay Bar

Do romance novels improve the sex lives of Mormon women?

Gordon Ramsay Sex Dwarf Eaten By Badger

Woman stopped for speeding says ‘God made me do it’

“The Angels Look Too Gay”

If you’re going to go to a Christmas party, it may as well be the Archbishop of Canterbury’s

Glamorous portraits of pet fish

“Included…[is] a report on a gang of rogue ventriloquists that terrorize people at operas”

Now, I realize it may cause frustration because I did not include links.  If you really want to find them visit my Twitter stream at @LauraLeeAuthor.  (For many of these articles the headline is more interesting than the article itself.)

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