An Open Letter to the Old Boyfriend I Couldn’t Find on Facebook

ImageYeah, I’ve looked you up a bunch of times.  How is it that you’re the only person on earth without any social media accounts?  And would it kill you to have a less common name?

I’ve wanted to reach out to you, but even if I knew your address, writing a real letter with a stamp and all that would be too much of a “thing.”  I don’t want a “thing,” I just wonder about you.

You wrote me a letter– a real one with a stamp and an airmail sticker– almost twenty years ago.  Could it be that long?

I never answered.  It came at a bad time when I was busy falling apart over a life that had nothing to do with you and, when I think of it now, nothing to do with me either.

I did want to reply.  But by the time I had the power to say what I wanted I had a new address and it seemed as if too much time had passed.  Now it’s really passed.  Can you believe it?

I don’t suppose you ever type my name into a search engine– just to see?

In case you did and you found your way here: I can’t believe “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred was our song.  Yes.  I’m talking about you.

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