A Poem for National Poetry Month

There’s Silence in the Rain

there’s silence in the rain that pounds
against the tin roof
in our thoughts there’s silence
in the middle of all the clamor around us
sometimes were deep down in the heaviest silence
when suddenly a noise tears us away from our stillness
each voice is unbearable
everything that calls us tears us apart
on the other hand
we’re sometimes surrounded by silence
and seem to be filled with noise
our thoughts make a sound our hands make a sound
the air crackles and the sweetest face
is a shrill note
space becomes a huge sound box
where the hours beat away ceaselessly
yet at the same time what happens is that
the voice upon speaking doesn’t sound
even though what it thought to say
seems to be scratching at the windows

-Homero Aridjis

Translated by John Brandi


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