Greatest Hits

What have you been reading? In case you missed, it, according to the logs, here are my most popular posts.

1. I’ve Been Thinking About God’s Nose Lately

This post about what the historical Jesus might have looked like and whether it matters was not an instant hit, but it gets consistent traffic.  I think it is because people google “What did Jesus look like?” and they are taken to this post.

2. A “Destructive” Love Affair: Empathy for Lord Alfred Douglas

People are fascinated by Oscar Wilde’s ill-fated love affair.  I get a hit on this article on Lord Alfred Douglas, and the others I’ve written about him, almost every day.

3. The Parts of Leviticus That Don’t Show Up on Billboards

This one, a somewhat sarcastic musing on what bible verses get the billboard treatment and which don’t, went a bit viral.  Someone shared it on Facebook and it got passed along.

4. Bookselling: Nothing Works and Why This Post Will Not Go Viral

This was the first part in a three part series on book marketing.  This is part twoAnd part three.

5. How to Write Dirty Books Without Even Trying

This one expresses my frustration at having my novel consistently labeled as “erotica” because it features a love affair between two men.


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