Do You “Flaunt” Your Heterosexuality?

I came across a story today in Bondings 2.0 about a woman who was fired from her job at the St. Francis Xavier parish in Kansas City, MO when news of her marriage to another woman became public knowledge.  The article quotes a Kansas City Star article by Mary Sanchez as saying: “Colleen Simon kept a don’t-ask, don’t-flaunt attitude…day to day, she avoided pronouns that would highlight it, substituting ‘my spouse’ or ‘my beloved.’”

So I’ve been thinking about what “flaunting” is.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines flaunt thusly: “To exhibit ostentatiously or shamelessly.”

So what would it mean to ostentatiously exhibit one’s heterosexuality?

Photos of your wedding on the desk? Using gendered pronouns when you speak of your spouse? Being seen with your significant other in public?

Are you shameless in advertising your heterosexuality?

(See also: “Struggling with.”)


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