Those Pesky Asides

I was watching an older episode of Inside Man with Morgan Spurlock. He was comparing the education systems in Finland and the United States. The Finns have consistently better educational outcomes than we do, and he wanted to compare and contrast. After spending some time in Findland, Spurlock returned to the U.S. and explained that the Finnish system couldn’t translate to our country because our population is so diverse. He mentioned, as if in passing, that the U.S. has the second highest child poverty rate in the developed world.

We have the second highest child poverty rate in the developed world.

After mentioning this, Spurlock went on to investigate a charter school in New York where they have a particular style of instruction and…

Can we go back to that child poverty thing for a minute?

Taking this as the background and not as a major problem to tackle is a bit like comparing the architecture in two towns. First you go to a beautiful city with modern homes and admire what they’ve done. Then you to to the second town and say, “Of course, you can’t build the same kind of house here because the entire town is constructed over an enormous sinkhole. Now, let’s look at how they put in the windows to maximize the light in the entry way.”

Maybe we should talk about the giant sinkhole.




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