Ever Dream of Being Someone Else?

Identity Theft Cove Draft2Have you ever wished you could shed your identity, just for a day? Would you like to throw off the shackles of everything you are expected to be and experience life as someone new?

Maybe you’d like to be freed of the burden of your credit score and be allowed the opportunity to start again with the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you secretly dream of being a rock star and creating a public persona you can hide behind. Maybe you dream of a love that will transform your life and transport you into a new world.

What if you could escape being you?

This is the theme of my new novel Identity Theft, which I am offering for pre-sale on Pubslush.

Ethan, a college drop-out works in the offices of a pop star who goes by the stage name Blast. He is assigned the task of keeping up with the musician’s social networking. Dissatisfied with his own life, Ethan decides to play at being a rock star and starts corresponding with a fan named Candi.

Candi is in debt and works at a company that is downsizing. Talking to the rock star becomes the most glamorous and intoxicating aspect of her life. If she is interesting enough to capture the attention of her favorite celebrity, she believes, anything might be possible. The relationship changes the way she thinks about herself and the possibilities for her life.

The more they chat, the more Ethan falls in love with Candi, but he can’t figure out how to tell her the truth without ruining everything.

When the real Blast plays a concert in Candi’s hometown everything begins to unravel.

I am taking pre-orders now for Identity Theft on Pubslush. This is a crowdfunding site especially for literary projects. If the campaign meets its goal, I will be able to produce the novel and to share it with you.

This is a story I have been working on for about 15 years, and I look forward to making it available. Please visit the page and consider supporting this project.

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