What Kind of Week Has It Been?

AngelLargeSquareOverall, this has been a pretty good writer week. I say “writer” week as opposed to “writing” week to distinguish between the career and the creation.

The audio version of my first novel Angel has just been released and my crowdfunding campaign for my second novel Identity Theft has been attracting great results. (But still needs your support– 57% funded with five days to go.)

Promoting these two different novels in one week has given me the opportunity to compare and contrast them. Outwardly the two stories are quite different. Angel is the story of a Christian minister who becomes attracted to a troubled young man. (In the intro to an interview I gave today it was referred to as “the author’s homosexual story.”)

Identity Theft tells the story of a young man who works in a rock star’s office, the havoc he creates after he decides to flirt with a fan online in the guise of his boss, and his attempts to fix the situation without revealing what he has done.

They are different in tone. Angel is more lyrical and literary. Identity Theft is more humorous, contemporary and plot-driven. It actually has more vivid description of sex than Angel, yet I am willing to bet that it is 99.9% less likely to find itself saddled with the “erotica” and “controversial” labels because all the characters are straight.

Both novels, in their own ways, deal with the question of identity. In Angel, the protagonist Paul finds his identity as a Christian threatened by his new identity as a man who loves another man. He is uncomfortable with labels like “bisexual” and what people might assume comes with it. He struggles with the question of who gets to decide if he is “Christian” enough. His entire congregation is forced to wrestle with its identity.

Angel could really have been called Identity Theft too.


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