What Can I Say to Move You in The Last 14 Hours?

For the past 15 years I have been working on the story that would become the novel Identity Theft.  Now I have 14 hours to persuade you to place your advance order before my Pubslush crowdfunding campaign is over.  I’m not sure how to do that.

I had a theme song written. I had a video made. I made a video myself. I did this interview. And this one. And this oneAnd this one. I made a Facebook fan page for the book. I sent e-mails to my friends. I posted on Facebook and Twitter and Facebook and Twitter and… Some of my friends took up the cause and sent out their own appeal on my behalf.

Now it’s down to the wire and down to me and you.

I’m not going to do a hard sell. I will just tell you a bit about my back story and how Identity Theft fits into it.

My father’s novel was called Mistaken Identity. I would like to say Identity Theft is a direct homage, but the similarity just happened. Nevertheless, the similar titles and theme have made me think about where I came from.

My father had literary dreams and the talent to back them up. But Mistaken Identity was not published or finished.

I grew up in a household where being a fiction writer was the highest aspiration and the pinnacle of achievement. So it was never something I took lightly.

I have already written about how I wanted to be an actress and how I did not recognize that writing was a special skill that not everyone could do. I have written about how I had the fortune, or mis-fortune of early success when I did embark on a writing career. I got a job at a large newspaper on the strength of writing samples with no previous journalism experience or formal education. My first non-fiction books sold immediately.

I never shook the idea, though, that it was the novel that would prove my worth as a writer. As a result of this, the first one I completed was trying too hard to be important. It was autobiographical and self-indulgent. I cannot tell you how happy I am that self-publishing was not an easy option then.  Otherwise I would never have lived that horrible novel down. I was not deterred, though. I filled journal after journal. There were three ideas in particular that I kept coming back to. One evolved into Angel. The second into an as-yet unpublished novel Worthless Gods and the third is Identity Theft. It took a long time for each of these concepts to bake.

Interestingly, it was an agent who was pushing me to do more “serious” work who gave me my fiction breakthrough– although not in the way you might imagine.  I’d built up a reputation for fact-based books full of dry humor. My agent felt these kinds of books were not ambitious and that, perhaps, I was lazy. I pushed back about this. I realized that being able to do fun books that entertain people and make them laugh is a talent and that I was not going to accept the notion that it was less “important” than any other kind of writing.

It was only when I gave myself permission never to write a novel that I was able to relax, enjoy the process and to finish Angel, which has been very well received. I feel as though that book was the moment I learned to be a writer.   Identity Theft combines the serious side I presented in Angel with the humor of my non-fiction work.  I was not afraid to have fun with it. I hope you, as a reader, will have fun with it too.

After publishing Angel, and becoming freshly excited about the many aspects of my writing that have yet to be revealed, I have been extremely prolific. I have not had the immediate publishing success, however, that I enjoyed in my first years as a writer. The results of all of these years of learning to be a writer sit on my hard drive. I want to find a path to bring them into the world. If that sounds far too heavy and serious for a humorous, fast paced novel with a rock star in it, let’s put it this way: Let me entertain you.

And so I am here. Asking for your help.

Please visit the Identity Theft page. Read the interviews posted there.  Read the excerpts.  I hope that you will enjoy what you read. Think about whether it is worth $10 or $15 to help make this dream happen.

There are only 14 hours left.

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