I Trust You With this Information Because You’re Cool

319025-pistachio-and-rose-cakeSo here is the power of the word “secret.” I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and I came across this: “Shh, have you heard about Edinburgh’s new secret cake club?”

A secret cake club? How cool, I thought. Yes, I want to be part of that.

Then I remembered, I don’t like cake. Come to that, I am not big on clubs either. So the only thing in the phrase “secret cake club” that could possibly have piqued my interest was “secret.”

The secret cake club (besides being in my favorite city, Edinburgh) seemed exciting because knowing about it made me an insider, part of something non-conformist and reserved for cool people like me. Well, me and whoever else happened to be the recipient of STV Edinburgh’s feed.


I guess anything can be made to seem cool as long as you are one of the insiders and the outsiders are not supposed to know.

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