Who Doesn’t Know Nirvana?

Ok, so. This post is entirely for me. I wrote a novel some time ago which was set in 1994 and followed a group of students in the months before and after the death of Kurt Cobain. (It is still making the rounds if you’re an agent or publisher and the concept sounds intriguing.)

A year or so ago an agency expressed serious interest in it. After a great deal of in house discussion, they told me all of the reasons they liked it, but that they decided not to represent it in the end because young people today were born after 1994 and wouldn’t care about that time period or know who Nirvana was. I wish this video had existed when that discussion was going on.

If there is any larger moral to this story it is that the experts go with their gut and therefore… no, honestly, I just wanted to post this for personal vindication. Enjoy.

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