Finding Time to Write

Identity Theft“I have been asked in interviews before how I find the time to write. I always found that question strange, simply because to me, it sounds like you’re asking someone ‘How do you find the time to play video games? Or hunt? Or scrapbook? Or shop?’ We make time for the things we love to do; we have to find time for the stuff we don’t.”-Fred Venturini quoted in Brevity in an article with the lovely title How Do the Unwealthy, Non-Sponsored Find Time to Write?

I have not found much time to write in this space (I kind of hate the word “blog”) because I am on tour with my ballet project. When I am on tour I must admit that I feel much more peaceful (although a bit more busy and exhausted) than I do in the months when I am a full time unwealthy, non-sponsored writer.

In any case, work on the forthcoming novel Identity Theft is going forward at a brisk pace. The copy editing is complete, the cover has been designed and all that is left is to get it formatted and printed up. I am expecting to have books available in two to three weeks.

I have a “virtual book tour” being organized by Goddess Fish Promotions.  (You have to scroll down a bit to get to the information about my book.)

If you have a blog and would like to review the novel, you can take part in the tour or contact me directly and I will be happy to send you an advance copy. (In pdf format.)


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