Laura Lee on ‘Identity Theft’ and being an author

Here is a little interview I did about Identity Theft and identities in general.

A book and a cup of coffee

She wanted to be a rock star when she was younger, but eventually she got a degree in theater. She became a professional radio announcer, but that wasn’t her dream job. Writing has always been her true love and she was soon discovered by major and midsize publishers.

– But who exactly is Laura Lee?
“That is a very existential question. My novel is called Identity Theft. It is about a woman who is fooled by a young man who tries on someone else’s identity for fun without thinking about the consequences. All of the characters are at low points in their lives and having identity crises of various kinds. The young man has dropped out of college and feels as though his real identity is that of a loser. He happens to work in the office of an 80s pop star and he’s put in charge of the…

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