Dawn Crush Thing

Recently I watched a film from Argentina called “Plan B” starring Lucas Ferraro and Manuel Vignau. (It is available through Netflix.) I enjoyed it for its intimate, naturalistic style and nuanced acting and I wanted to know more about the cast.

Youtube had a few clips and interviews of cast members, but I had a linguistic challenge. I don’t speak Spanish. (Tapas, burritos, Siempre Coca Cola!)  Fortunately Youtube has a technological solution to my special problem. You can turn on close captions and it will automatically translate into English for you. Either Lucas Ferraro is the next Federico Garcia Lorca and was speaking in poetry or there is something seriously wrong with Youtube’s translation. You be the judge:


translation 3I think the “path or winding of the performance” must be a very deep spiritual reference.

silver sea“I am Buenos Aries but I will not be the silver sea.”  This is way too deep for me.

emotional lakeIndeed, I do want lake. And the piece de resistance…

dawn crush thingI don’t know what “dawn crush thing” is, but I swear it is my new favorite expression. I am going to find a use for it.

[Incidentally, did you know there is a South America? I ask this, because a few years ago I was working an election out of an elementary school library and sat all day looking at the books in the geography section and there was not a single book there on a country in South America. Kids could read about Japan, Kenya, Russia, Australia, China, all of Europe but the entire South American continent was represented by exactly zero books. I was disappointed because I did a report on Argentina when I was a kid, and developed the kind of warm feeling for the country that you get when you’re a kid and you do a report on something. It did not inspire me to learn Spanish though. Pity.]

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