Unexpected Twists, Turns and Formats

Thank you to “New Adult Reads” for reviewing “Identity Theft.”

“Lee definitely planned out so many twists and unexpected turns that I was guessing how it would end right up until the end. Thank you for that! Praise the book gods!”

I did want to point out that this review was based on an ARC copy and until I have found a way to make Identity Theft available in Kindle format so that it can be displayed in all manner of devices without any formatting errors, the book is currently only available in a print version. It was made available to reviewers, however, in .mobi format.

Also, while I am talking about formatting… I decided to do a little experimenting with the themes on this Word Press blog. Much to my annoyance, each time I try another a lot of the stuff on the sidebar disappears and I have to add it over and over. I had found a theme I thought quite nice, but it did not highlight the links in text, which was a deal breaker. So I’m back to something similar to what I had before with a new header.


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