“A Stunning Book for Today’s America”

Cross-eyed Nerd ManI’d like to thank the site “Hogwash” for publishing this five star review of the novel Identity Theft yesterday:

This is a stunning book for today’s America. A sad, poignant, and complex commentary on loneliness, misinformation, stilted justice, idol worship and the nearly existential nothingness of our grand (& failed) social experiment. The crux of this story centers on a disenfranchised and painfully alone Candi Tavris, recently determined to be obsolete in her workplace, and the aging rock star Blast, who is still hanging on to the bottom rungs of a flailing career. They are brought crashingly together by the rock stars publicity mechanism, through social media and anonymous internet encounters, into a brief physical tryst based on lies. All turned more foul by media exploitation and justice misinterpreted, and miscarried. Perfectly executed with deep character development, razor sharp wit, plot twists deeply woven into a tapestry of literary brilliance. I can’t say enough great things about this book. It’s a for-sure keeper and re-reader. I loved it. Five stars.

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