The Importance of the Abyss Tablet and the Return of the Dawn Crush Thing

Abyss Tablet.

This is apparently the Chinese title for De Profundis, at least if the Google Translate version of a Chinese review of Oscar’s Ghost is accurate. The Importance of Being Earnest comes out as Important Importance. (Elsewhere as The Importance of Seriousness.)

Are you old enough to remember the After Dark screensavers?  I miss mine. I always ran the screensaver that I think was called “random.” It generated grammatically correct random sentences. I found it quite poetic and good for sparking creative thought. I think I love bad machine translation for the same reason.

Although in the Abyss Tablets, Wilde has so many poisonous complaints against Douglas, but as the saying goes, it is not that the family does not gather... If Wilde follows Rose’s arrangement, if he can stay in the French countryside for a while, if he can condescend to compromise, then the British may forgive him and re-dump under his talent. However, after two years of prison life that was held incommunicado for twenty-three hours a day, only a small blue sky above the head was seen, and the compromise was no longer in the dictionary of Wilde…

Douglas and Ross are full of enmity against the battle of Oscar Wilde’s rights behind him. The relationship between Wilde, Ross, and Douglas was ultimately a choice of love. Rose chose Wilde, and Wilde chose Douglas. Both had no regrets. What about Douglas? It can only be said that the rich man has no spine. The author of “The Ghost of Oscar” wrote: “Walde experienced a huge poet’s tragedy, but Posey’s tragedy is slow, continuous, endless. A series of small tortures.”

If you share my fascination with bad translation see my “Dawn Crush Thing” series.

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