The Importance of the Abyss Tablet and the Return of the Dawn Crush Thing

Abyss Tablet. This is apparently the Chinese title for De Profundis, at least if the Google Translate version of a Chinese review of Oscar’s Ghost is accurate. The Importance of Being Earnest comes out as Important Importance. (Elsewhere as The Importance of Seriousness.) Are you old enough to remember the After Dark screensavers?  I miss […]

Dawn Crush Thing Revisited: The Incidental Dear Lord of the Oscar Wilde’s Destruction

Ah Google Translate. If you do not understand the title, see Dawn Crush Thing. So I came across a Turkish article on Lord Alfred Douglas, and not speaking Turkish, I put it through a computer translation. I still don’t know what the article says (I assume it is not flattering about Douglas). In any case, […]