About Laura Lee

Metro Detroit native Laura Lee divides her time equally between writing and producing ballet educational tours with her partner, the artistic director of the Russian National Ballet Foundation. She is the author of 21 books with such publishers as Harper Collins, Reader’s Digest, Running Press, Broadway Books, Lyons Press and Black Dog and Leventhal. Her most recent tiles are the history/biographies Wilde Nights & Robber Barons and Oscar’s Ghost. Her  Pocket Encyclopedia of Aggravation has also been re-released this year in a completely updated edition. In addition to her non-fiction, she has written two novels and a children’s book (A Child’s Introduction to Ballet). She brings to her writing a unique background as a radio announcer, improvisational comic and one-time professional mime.

The San Francisco Chronicle has said of her work, “Lee’s dry, humorous tone makes her a charming companion… She has a penchant for wordplay that is irresistible.”

For more on her catalog visit lauraleeauthor.com.  She can also be found on Goodreads and on Twitter as @LauraLeeAuthor.


  1. I went to see The Happy Prince simply because Colin Morgan was playing Bosie. I became fascinated with the relationship between Bosie and Oscar, and I am grateful for the insight, and understanding that your writing on the subject has provided…… I have really enjoyed and profited from reading your work, and look forward to reading Oscars Ghost … Thank you.

    1. Thank you, I hope you will find the book interesting. I thought Colin Morgan’s Bosie had a lot of depth which I haven’t seen in that character before. They really seemed to have history. I did like Jude Law’s performance in Wilde, and thought he was well cast, but the story they were trying to tell was a bit less nuanced in terms of that relationship, which I put down to the source material (Ellmann) having a certain point of view on Bosie. Anyway, thanks for reading. I always like to hear that I’m not speaking into the void.

      1. Definitely not speaking into the void….. your work has inspired me to delve further, and today I listened to Rupert Everett reading The Ballad of Reading Gaol on YouTube.

  2. Hi: I am writing Turn Your Life Into a Novel. Came across your article. You observations on gender and and trends in publishing made me stop a reflect. In my chapter, Getting Into Character, I neglected female authors. Your piece set me straight. Thank you.

  3. Can’t wait for your book on Maurice Schwabe! I’ve been doing research on the whole “clique” for quite a while. Currently considering post-doc studies on them. 🙂

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