An IndieGoGo Project I Got Behind

It really feels good to get behind a fellow artist who is trying to make something happen. If I were rich (as opposed to being a starving artist and the author of Broke is Beautiful) I think I would create a special bank account just to fund projects.

Because I am not rich, I have to be particular about what I do support. I’d like to tell you about one that I have. This (in the video above) is Annie Guthrie.  She is looking for funds to create a debut album.

I met Annie during a brief period when I worked at The Arlozone. This ranks up there with shopping mall Easter Bunny and professional mime as one of my oddest jobs. The job itself was not all that odd. I worked a cash register, rang up coffee, CD purchases and bowls of soup. What was odd is that I was working in a shop that sold Arlo Guthrie merchandise, cups of coffee and bowls of soup. (I am contractually obligated to mention here that it was at the Arlozone that I got the first spark of an idea that would evolve into my forthcoming novel Identity Theft, which you can pre-order now.)

Anyway, the shop was the front room of what were then the Rising Son Records offices, where Annie worked doing some sort of logistics related to the family business.  I remember having a conversation with her once about following in your father’s footsteps. My father was a writer and he was insistent that I was one too. I resisted being a writer for some time, but I had to admit at some point that dad had been right all along. If you want to know about following in Arlo Guthrie’s footsteps, you can look at the clip above. It’s exciting to see she has found her unique voice and is making her own music.

Right now Annie has reached 13% of her $15,000 goal. Can you help make this debut CD a reality?

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