Identity Theft a New Novel Available Now

Identity TheftOne of the characters in my new novel Identity Theft, which has just been released, is a touring musician. In one of his chapters he explains that there is a point of exhaustion that you reach on a national tour that is almost impossible to express to someone who has not experienced it.

I am at that stage right now as I wrap up my ballet master class tour with Valery Lantratov.  So much so that I have not had the energy to update you about the release of my second novel until now.

I would love to post something terribly clever and thought provoking. Maybe even something so fabulous it goes viral, but I am not up to it.

So I will just say that I have written a book that I am quite proud of and which I would like to share and that I hope you will want to read it.

So what is this Identity Theft book all about? This is the blurb:

A bored employee in a rock star’s office begins an online relationship with a fan in the guise of his boss and sets off a chain of events he cannot control.

Candi Tavris is on the verge of turning 30, she works in the packaging department of a company that is downsizing and she is hounded by calls from creditors who mispronounce her name. She wakes up every morning praying that the folks at Life Lock will perform their work in reverse and give her “identity” to someone else. Her younger sister, never a serious student, married a rich executive and lives in a mansion.

Candi’s only solace is escaping into the music and image of the 80s pop star Blast.

Ethan Penn, a 22 year-old college dropout who smokes pot and lives in his mother’s basement, works in the rock star’s office. (His desk sits under a framed gold record with a dead spider caught in the glass.)

His boss, whose real name is Ollie Thomas, is as socially awkward off stage as he is charismatic on stage. He is depressed about his pending divorce. His greatest fame is behind him, his biggest hit “Partly Cloudy Thursday (Blast With Me)” was a cliched monstrosity written to please record executives. His rock n’ roll lifestyle mostly consists of finding ways to keep his laundry from stinking while on the road and trying to remain anonymous while buying Preparation-H.

Blast assigns the task of keeping up with his social networking to Ethan. Ethan starts to correspond with Candi through e-mail and chats in the guise of the rock star. The conversation soon becomes steamy. The game spirals out of control when Blast performs a concert in Candi’s hometown and Candi is mistaken first for a groupie and then for a delusional stalker.

Candi must try to prove (and retain) her sanity. Ethan must decide whether to risk jail by telling the truth. A terrified Ollie has to come to terms with his relationship with his Blast character and the consequences of his fame.

It is available in paperback and on Kindle.

Oh, by the way, this is where we have been since January 7:

tour route

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